Happy customers.

thumb_01_60_60Jagdev Singh

NRI Businessman

”Mr. Atrish’s work is thought provoking and original, fresh and nothing short of revolutionary. As an astrologer who has been around for such a short time, I can honestly say that the work of this young man represents the exciting realization that the New order is already here. Feast your eyes, enjoy and take it all in. The work of this young astrologer is very, very important. Truly i am talking with my experience, the things he has done for us is absolutely great and beyond our expectation. Through his work we have seen renaissance and with his truly gifted adept he has applied his wise and intuitive talents to his art and science of astrological interpretation”


I was introduced to him when I was so shaken with my bad health and ultimately everything around me. I was amused to see his excellence in the field of PARA SCIENCE of VASTU and ASTROLOGICAL Calculations. And on top of it he would always make sure that u not only understand the scheme of things u r targeted to and how well u can settle them with the minimum of expenses rather almost none. “



Senior Manager, Cadence, Noida

Dinesh has a deep and thorough understanding of how the energy system around us affects us. Incorporating his simple tips (have awards at the southern wall to improve career) has shown a great amount of changes at my house and workplace. Dinesh’s numerology and name analysis is very strong. Simple suggestions of changing the name on the phone list, changes the vibes we receive from that person.With incorporating is simple tips for 6 months in life, I am seeing myself at a better position.He is very patient and provides a good listening ear to his clients, so that he understands all aspects and provides tips accordingly.

I would like to thank him for his time, energy and efforts and also look forward to seek his guidance on house construction and career growth.



“We know him for the past 12 years and consulted him several times to our satisfaction all the time. Thanks for the wonderful advice & good luck”

My personal experience says that we should definitely take vaastu advice, it’s one time cost and lifelong benefits that too for all inmates…

thumb_01_60_60Anita Sharma


thumb_02_60_60 Neelima Tiwari

Web Developer & Social Media Expert


“Just made a slight change to my name, suddenly everything is working in favor of me. Eductaion is smooth and I am really growing in career also, earlier everything was so stagnant, I had started loosing hope, which is restored now. “I have already recommended him to all my friends..”

thumb_03_60_60 Devender Singh Parmar

Director at Ojaswini Infratech Pvt. Ltd

“We know him since 2003, on his convictions only we left our owned house in Pachim Vihar and moved to a rented house in Gurgaon. Initial phase was somewhat struggling, however, he did not let our confidence shake, he insisted and we persisted.. Life came to terms.. Growth was there..  14 years, and now there is no looking back.. We thank him for his advice and foresightedness and wish him all the luck… Vaastu advice might appear costly in the beginning, but not in the longer run.. Judge yourself.”