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Personal Name Vibrations

Strong Personal name based on Name Vibrations concept


Marriage Compatibility

We suggest good combinations based on Vedic Astrology & Name Vibrations.

Business Name Vibrations

Business Names with Strong Vibrations, beneficial to your trade

Lucky Baby Names

Auspicious Baby Names based on Lucky number & Name Vibrations 


Lucky Car Numbers

Get a lucky number for your prized possession as per your DOB.

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Lucky Numbers

These are the numbers that will favour the most out of all the numbers.

Lucky Alphabets

These Alphabets will be more beneficial for us out of all the Alphabets.

Lucky Days

Great strength is available for us on our favourable days.

What is a Strong Name?

It’s all in NAME

A Strong name is one that has a frequency around 450 or above out of 497.85 i.e. 90%, and which compliments your Birth Number or Destiny Number or Lucky Number.


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