Name Vibrations

Name Vibrations calculates & improves the Frequency of Energy produced by your Name and then sync it with your Life Purpose or Date of Birth to achieve amazing results.

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Customized Report For Every Client

Report does not only tell you what are your suitable Numbers, Alphabets, Days & Planets. It also tells you how to deal with the people who own the number or alphabet which is not suitable to you. Report also discloses your 4 favorable directions & how to get the best out of your favorable directions.

Luck Factor

Luck factor tells us about our Favorable/Unfavorable number, days, alphabets & planets.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers are the numbers that bring good luck and fortune to our life, in other word that prove auspicious for us. We choose our lucky numbers when something important happens in our lives such as choosing a date for engagement, a wedding ceremony, relocating the house, opening a new business and more. We don’t limit ourselves to events now, we prefer to choose our Mobile Number, Car (or Premium Bike) number, House Number, Office Number and sometimes Bank Account (if it is under our control) according to our lucky number.

Favourable Numbers

We all experience one thing at some point in our life, that there are few numbers that whenever occur or appear in our lives give us the favorable result, though it requires astute observation to experience something like that, however, we all experience it. These numbers may appear in our mobile number, bank account number, school/college roll number or admit card number. We gradually start noticing this and suddenly these numbers become our favourite.

Unfavourable Numbers

All the numbers have their own particular characteristics, though no number is bad intrinsically bad or good. We must also notice and there are few numbers that trouble us without any reason. We may find them in friends, classmates, colleagues or some acquaintances. Some particular dates, year, house number, car number, mobile/phone number etc.

These numbers whenever enter the arena bring an uneasiness, un-comfort and unpleasant feeling, and they do it every time.

Lucky Letters (Alphabet)

Lucky, Favorable and Unfavorable Alphabets

Lucky Letters (Alphabets)

Lucky alphabet is the alphabet which when gets associated with us as our name initial gives unbelievable benefits, we tend to achieve anything or everything we want. We don’t have to try too hard to get success or desired results.

For example, we do notice that few people get things easily without making much effort, it’s like nature helps them, and it is true. When we are in sync with our lucky alphabet then things fall in place. We experience negligible or almost no opposition. Even our opponents tend to pave way for us.

Favourable Letters (Alphabets)

Each number is associated with a particular alphabet (Pythagorean System) or alphabets (Chaldean System) and these Alphabets carry the energy of the number associated with them. So, if our name/business name starts with the favourable numbers then it manifests positive vibrations of that number and we experience less or no opposition, in other words, we don’t have to struggle hard.

It is like making your life easy with a little wisdom.

Unfavourable Letters (Alphabets)

I have seen thousands of cases where highly talented people are struggling because their name starts with an unfavourable alphabet, a little tweak in the spelling has helped a lot of people in cutting down on unnecessary efforts.

Another example, sometimes there are people who give us negative vibes or we don’t feel like talking to one particular person and we may not know the reason why. And whenever we dig deeper we always find that it is due to the unfavourable number and alphabets.

Lucky Days & Planets

Favourable or Unfavorable Days & Planets

Lucky Days

We all know that there is one particular day in the week which sets things for us. We just remain optimistic throughout that day. We tend to start something important and new on that particular day, and we see the favorable results too.

On the contrary there are few days that we avoid to do particular task or some important task as we have had bitter experience in the past on those days.

Favorable Planets

There are 9 main planets in Astrology which affect us in our day to day life. Though all the planets are good and they play the role assigned to them by the cosmos. However, some planets are natural benefices (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury & Strong Moon) and some are natural malefic.

And these planets are represented by numbers in Name Vibrations study, and all the numbers transfer the energy they get from the planets on us human beings.

Lucky Directions

Favourable Directions and How To Use Them

Favourable Directions

We all have 4 favourable directions, which govern different areas of our life.


  • Wealth & Success
  • Health
  • Love & Family
  • Personal Growth

How To Use Favourable Directions?

All the directions represent a particular element & Number. Using different remedies involving those elements & numbers combinations yield amazing results. These directions & remedies/enhancers differ from people to people.


How Strong Is Your Name?

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