What Are Vibrations?

We all know that there exists the energy that has created this whole universe. And this entire universe is the production or manifestation from particular vibrations that cause a change from the spiritual energy into the material energy. And all these vibrations affect us in many ways.

Everything/everyone around us sends us vibrations, and we radiate vibrations to everything/everyone around us.

Everything that we can see (light), hear (sound), feel (material), touch and taste have vibrations.

These could be good or bad.


Does Your Name Also Have Some Vibrations?


Based on the above logic, it should, and yes, you are right. Your name carries vibrations, it may be weak or strong, but yes, it does have Vibrations.

Have you ever thought, how come some people achieve unprecedented success, and some keep struggling throughout their life?


There Are Two Things Which Can Make A Person A Go-Getter,

  1. Combination of the planet at the time of your Birth – Horoscope.
  2. Name of the person.


To be successful, we either need a strong name or a powerful planetary combination.

All the successful people have either of these two or few of them have both, and they are super successful.


Horoscope Chart (Planetary Combination)

At the time of the birth of a child, all the planets in the galaxy are at certain positions (degrees of the zodiac) and the snapshot of this combination at the time of the birth is known as Horoscope Chart.


What Is A Strong Horoscope?

Every horoscope has a distinct planetary combination, and certain combinations bless the horoscope owner with immense potential & opportunities.

The powerful planetary combination is an arrangement of the planets in such a way that it renders special powers to the natives. These powers may be good business acumen, excellent acting skills, good sporting skills etc.

And most of us are aware of this, that we cannot change this combination of the planets.

What can we do about it, we will discuss later.


What’s In A Name?

The name has everything, that’s what distinguishes us from other people. A name can put a lasting impression on a person’s mind and people often attribute distinct characters to different names.


Can Name Establish Our Fate?

Yes, the name carries distinct vibration which sets us apart from others, and a strong name can certainly establish our fate. We often see Actors, Sportsmen, Businessmen, Politicians, Writers etc. dabble with the name change.

Why, because they know success doesn’t come easily. And if you reach to the top by the virtue of your stars, it’s not easy to stay there. So they try creating a niche for themselves by using all the available resources and a STRONG NAME is one of them.


In my personal experience, I have not seen middle-class people or poor people doing it, maybe they are not ready to break away from that vicious circle.

I have only seen rich people doing it, they do it because they are rich or they remain rich because they follow Vastu, Feng Shui, & Astrology, God only knows. However, one thing is for certain that these practices are followed by rich & ultra-rich.


What Is A Strong Name?

A strong name is the one that carries very strong vibration. Because of these strong vibrations, a person is able to attract success & fame.

Any name with vibration stronger than 450 (out of maximum 507) is considered a strong name.


How Are Vibrations Calculated?

We have developed a system using which we calculate the vibrations of the names. You can check your name vibrations for FREE by subscribing to our newsletter.


What If I Have A Weak Name?

If your name is strong, that’s good. In case your name is giving out weak vibrations, you can pay up and get suggestions on a few things which can be helpful. The name would be calculated taking into consideration your DOB so that the vibrations are in sync with the Psychic/Birth and Destiny number. a name which not only carries strong vibrations but also matches with your DOB (Psychic/Birth or Life Path/Destiny Number)

We do an exhaustive calculation to increase the Name Vibrations while maintaining the purpose of your life.

And, we started this service after intensive research and hundreds of case studies.

Now let’s get back to “What can we do?

We know we can’t change our horoscope, so we are left with one option and that is a Strong Name, which can help us in mitigating our struggle and obstacles. Check this,


A Strange Observation:

You must have seen twins, they are born within a difference of a few minutes. Horoscope does not change within a gap of a few minutes.

Then why is there a drastic difference in success & fame?


What was the difference in their life, the difference was THEIR NAME. The one with a stronger name succeeded better than their siblings. Some studies below;


Steve Waugh               390.66       (Australian Cricket Team Captain)

Mark Waugh                317.64      (Australian Cricketer)

Eva Gaelle Green        402.73       (French actress and model)

Joy Green                     317.59

Christopher Ashton Kutcher          460.72    (American actor and investor)

Michael Kutcher                              459.72