Step By Step Guide To Find A Strong Business Name Using Name Vibrations

Business Name Vibrations allows us to choose the best name for the business based on our lucky number, that carries powerful energy and an enormous boost to our business prospects.

There is a saying in English, ‘Well Begun is half Done. So a business started with proper planning, our lucky numbers and lucky name will eventually prove beneficial in most of the cases.

We follow the below steps to find a suitable name for your business as per Name Vibrations advanced numerology calculations:

First, get to know about your Lucky, favourable and Unfavourable numbers. Every number has a distinct vibration that provides mystical properties to the numbers, and everything around us is dependent upon these inherent vibrational properties of numbers.

Secondmatch the numbers with your hobby or profession. We always get into the profession according to our numbers, when numbers repeat in our lives they give us clues into how the world around us works or the significance of people (friends, colleagues, or partners) associated with those numbers and events (job change, marriage, business setup). E.g, number 6 people tend to go to the field related to Venus viz, Films, Serials, Fine Arts, Fashion Designing, Beauty Products etc.

Thirdthis is going to be the tough one, we usually have more than one passion, so always choose the profession according to your favourable numbers. As a favourable number will always give you returns, on the contrary, a business based on an unfavourable number will still prove challenging and taxing.

Fourth, select a business name starting with your lucky (preferably) or favourable letter of the alphabets with the help of Name Vibrations.

Fifth, take the business name total to be your lucky (preferably) or favourable number. We check multiple names to choose one of them.

Sixththen choose the business name with the highest name vibrations.

I know this is a tedious process; however, always remember one thing; apart from the money, business takes time and effort too. You can get the money in the future also, but you are never going to get back the time.

Note: A business name chosen with proper caution and calculation will always prove beneficial.

Case Study 1 

The client requires a name that should match with her Lucky number or profession and should have her Brand Name ‘Yog Aerobic’ in it.

After our analysis, we calculated her lucky number to be 1 and she wanted to open a fitness center for ladies only. We evaluated 50 names, listed 9 names and concluded with 2 names ‘She’s Fit by Yog Aerobic‘ and Body Temples by Yog Aerobic‘. Both the names have good numerology number 1 (Sun for fame & leading capabilities) & 6 (for glamour & beauty) for ‘She’s Fit by Yog Aerobic‘ and number 9 (Mars for strength) and 2 (Moon for alleviated mood & freshness) for ‘Body Temples by Yog Aerobic‘. However, out of these two, we concluded on to ‘She’s Fit by Yog Aerobic as it carried more vibrations also apart from being the client’s lucky number.

How to Name Your Business?

Business Name Numerology (Chaldean/Pythagorean) with Name Vibrations

Name Suggestions Name Vibrations Chaldean / Pythagorean
She’s Fit by Yog Aerobic 471.02 1 / 6
Body Temples by Yog Aerobic 439.42 9 / 2
I Fit By Yog Aerobic 420.31 4 / 9
Hot Bods by Yog Aerobic 419.74 4 / 3
Cut n Curves by Yog Aerobic 401.6 6 / 1
Fitter by Yog Aerobic 382.77 5 / 7
Fit Her by Yog Aerobic 382.73 6 / 1
Absolute Fit by Yog Aerobic 376.08 7 / 1
21 Fitness Studio by Yog Aerobic 357.88 2 / 3
Curl Fitness by Yog Aerobic 326.04 6 / 2
Fitness by Yog Aerobic 310.98 1 / 3
Fit Body by Yog Aerobic 310.95 8 /1

Some Business Names suggested by us 

Business Name
(Max 497.85)
IT Company
Brand Media Buddha 490.01
Online Shop
Urban Street Wears 493.16
Agro Foods
Baanke Bihari Trader 489.98
Banarsi Das and Sons Agro Food 462.30
Movie Title
Jatt Jugadi Hunday Nay (Punjabi Movie) 491.07
Spine Clinic
Dr Pandit Spine Center 460.01
Film Editor (Hollywood)
Anuradha Ravinder Pratap Singh 465.00