What is a Strong Name?

A Strong name is one that has a frequency around 450 or above out of 497.85 i.e. 90%, and which compliments your Birth Number or Destiny Number or Lucky Number.


How Does It Feel To Have A Strong Name?

  1. A name, which has a strong vibration
  2. A name, which will build your new self-confidence
  3. A name, which can make you more attentive & focused
  4. A name, which can improve your thought process & creativity

Note: Helps in deciding a powerful personal name or a business name. Ultimately we all want to be successful, we leave no stone unturned to achieve our goals. Having a powerful name not only makes our life easy, but it also helps in annihilating the unwanted situations. This is very useful for Artists, Businessmen, Politicians, and Sportsmen. And also for everybody who wants an extra edge.


Know The Numbers That Suit You or Do Not Suit You

  1. A number, which you know repeats on most occasions for you
  2. A number, which you always wanted to know, your Lucky Number
  3. A number or few numbers which will always support you.
  4. A number or few numbers which may always trouble you.
  5. How to deal with people with unfavourable numbers.

Note: This helps in deciding our new phone numbers, new house numbers, maybe our new vehicle number.  Using our Lucky / Favorable number always creates a synergy that helps in reducing the obstacles and weakening the opposition.


How To Use Your Lucky or Favourable Alphabets

  1. Alphabets which may help you in acquiring more success.
  2. Alphabets which will support you whatever the situation may be.
  3. Alphabets which will work against you in most of the cases.

Note: This helps in planning to deal with people accordingly. No matter what would be your relationship with the person, if his/her name Alphabet favours you, ultimately he will end up benefiting you, the same way if the person’s name is not favourable to you, he/she may unwillingly and inadvertently harm you.


Benefits of knowing your Favorable or Unfavorable Days

  1. The day that will always prove beneficial to you.
  2. The Day which has the power to turn tides in favour of you
  3. Days that may not give you the desired result.

Note: This may help us in deciding what to do on a particular day, how to prepare for an unfavourable day, and when to start important tasks.


Here Is Your Name Strength


First Name Last Name Frequency
(Out of 497.85 Max)
Kailash Kumar Verma 408.26
Claude Sainne Charles 337.9
Satya Prakash 248.66
Sangeeta Verma 403.86
Deepak Kumar Gupta 381.94
Akansha Verma 297.39
Akanksha Verma 483.25
Sajal Jain 463.20
Alok Verma 288.69
Ravi Bansal 356.96
Abha Sharma 344.12
Tanya Varshney 425.07
Nitya 401.00
Pratibha Verma 353.56
Vaibhav Kataria 379.66
Arun Kumar 335.33
Shubh Prateek 252.17
Piyush Anand 262.95
Vicky Soni 271.69
Gautam Verma 453.90
Ankit Bhardwaj 263.65
Sanjay Khare 305.89
Michael Dave Galleno 400.69
Balaji Shroff 429.01
Nikita Patial 374.11
Aruna S. Toppo 442.89
Anuj Saraf 305.37

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Some Popular Personalities With Strong Names;

VIRAT KOHLI  441.92 Hz