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Select A Good Domain Name Using Name Vibrations

Step By Step Guide to select a domain name with the help of Name Vibrations

Domain Name Vibrations allows us to choose the best domain name for our  business or profession based on our lucky number, and strong name strength.

Ample research is done & a systematic method is followed before suggesting a domain name as per Name Vibrations advanced astrology/numerology calculations:

First, Lucky, favourable and Unfavourable numbers of the business owners or partners is calculated and the number which suits almost all the business owners or parterns is chosen.

Second, letters matching to the numbers are calculated and the best letter is suggested to start the domain name with.

Third, multiple domain names starting with the favorable or lucky letter (lucky for the business owners) are provided for selection.

Fourth, the chosen names are then evaulated for their name number and strength using Name Vibrations system.

Fifth, the domain name with the highest name vibrations and most favorbale number is then finalized for selection.

Note: Special attention is given to the SEO (search engine optimization) aspect of the domain name so that it gets indexed in search engines easily and quickly. 

Domain Name Astrology / Numerology with Name Vibrations

domain name selection as per name vibrations

How does it work?

1 ) Higher the Name Vibrations stronger it is for Domain.
2 ) Name Number should connect with auspicious numbers (1,3,9)
3 ) MoneyServiceCanada is the strongest name, however, 8 is not a good number for wealth
4) Green or Purple color may be used for website.
5 ) 3 is good for wealth, however, the name MoneyServiceBusiness is a weak name and it may not be available for domain.
6) CheckCashingCanada is the next strong name and 9 is one of the most auspicious number. And it is SEO friendly too.

Suggested Name


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