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Meaning of Devaki

Name: Devaki
Meaning: Divine; Mother of Lord Krishna (Krishna's mother and the wife of Vasudeva, a chief of the Vrishni clan. Sister of Kamsa, she was imprisoned by him soon after her marriage.)
Gender: Girl
Numerology (Chaldean): 1
Numerology (Pythagorean): 7
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Religion: Hindu
Rashi: मीन(Pisces) - दी(Dee), दू(Doo), थ(Tha), झ(Jha), ञ(Yna), दे(De), दो(Do), च(Cha), ची(Chee)
Nakshatra: रेवती(Revati) - दे(De), दो(Do), च(Cha), ची(Chee)
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