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Meaning of Wedant

Name: Wedant
Meaning: The scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, Theology, Absolute truth, Hindu philosophy or ultimate wisdom, King of all
Gender: Boy
Numerology (Chaldean): 7
Numerology (Pythagorean): 4
Name Vibrations: 262.86
Religion: Hindu
Rashi: वृष(Taurus) - ई(Ee), उ(U), ए(E), ओ(O), वा(Vaa), वी(Vee), वु(Vu), वे(Ve), वो(Vo)
Nakshatra: मॄगशिरा(Mrigashirsha) - वे(Ve), वो(Vo), का(Kaa), की(Kee)
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