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Meaning of Vrish

Name: Vrish
Meaning: The name Shahraan has Persian roots where ‘shah’ means royal and ‘raan’ means knight, thus, Shahraan translates to a royal knight or warrior
Gender: Boy
Numerology (Chaldean): 8
Numerology (Pythagorean): 4
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Religion: Hindu
Rashi: वृष(Taurus) - ई(Ee), उ(U), ए(E), ओ(O), वा(Vaa), वी(Vee), वु(Vu), वे(Ve), वो(Vo)
Nakshatra: रोहिणी (Rohini) - ओ(O), वा(Vaa), वी(Vee), वु(Vu)
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